Facing DUI charges in Scottsdale? Get a private defense lawyer  

Nothing is probably worse than being pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even a misdemeanor DUI offense in Scottsdale could mean jail times, fines, and having an ignition interlock on your vehicle. You may also have to endure suspension of your license. While you could always hope that the public defender will do their best, it is still wise to hire a scottsdale dui lawyer. A private attorney who specializes in criminal law in Arizona can offer the support you need. Here are some benefits at a glance.

Public defenders don’t always have adequate experience

First and foremost, you need to understand that public defenders don’t always have the required experience with DUI cases. They will never take the time out to work on your defense. When you hire a criminal attorney who has defended clients facing DUI charges in the past, they have the experience to manage everything pertaining to your case. They have courtroom experience, but more importantly, they know the technical and nuanced aspects that may make a difference.

Public defenders are overworked

Although there is no fault of their own, public defenders are typically not paid enough for their work, and because the case burden is always high, they are overworked and exhausted. Unlike a private attorney who is ready to work on a case exclusively, public defenders don’t have that option. If you decide to work with them, you may not have the best shot at defending your case.

The success rate is relevant

Criminal lawyers who handle DUI cases regularly have a better success rate than public defenders, and more importantly, they will consider all ways to work for the client. Their market reputation depends on it; therefore, they wouldn’t want to stake their credentials. It is always better to consider an attorney’s profile before hiring them to defend you. Do they have enough experience? Do they handle serious DUI charges? What are some of their landmark cases? Can they offer references? What do other clients say about the firm online? These are relevant questions worth answering. Also, if you can find lawyers through referrals, that is always a good option. 

Final word

When your entire life and career are at stake because of a DUI arrest, you need a team that can take things forward and wouldn’t stop at anything. Don’t step back from checking online for ratings of local lawyers in Scottsdale!