How to Block a Personal App on Android

You may have some apps on your Android cell phone that entrance the web time after time, and you don’t need that since they expend your information plan quicker, or they devour more battery. Different apps you may like to utilize disconnected, without having them get to the web. Regardless of your inspiration, here are two different ways to blo

AppBlock is an application that encourages you (its clients) to block diverting applications and sites briefly on your gadget with the goal that you can control telephone dependence in school or at work. The blocker app can get enacted for an exact time and date, and once the pre-set time length is finished, the blocked apps or sites can be utilized once more.

Boost your profitability, remain centered, and improve your advanced prosperity!

Block is a simple to-utilize Android application that improves your restraint by blocking or restricting your app usage and giving you understanding into how your time is spent on your telephone. Regardless of whether you have to concentrate on your  study, would prefer not to get occupied at  work, can’t go to rest around evening time, or need to be more  social, this app can enable you to out.

How to Block a Personal App on Android


Select a gathering of apps and make a custom time plan during which these apps will naturally be blocked. The timetable is completely adaptable, permitting you to set various occasions on various days in the week, permitting you to make profitable propensities. A functioning block can’t be killed with the goal that it keeps you from utilizing diverting apps.

You can briefly initiate your blocks whenever for a particular span. Incredible for when you start an investigation session or need to rest. Frequently joined with a Pomodoro clock for expanded efficiency.


You can break down your telephone usage over various timeframes, returning as long as 2 years. See where your time is spent and find a way to improve your advanced prosperity.


Sitting around idly via web-based networking media, or observing such a large number of YouTube recordings? You can set an every day usage limit per app. At the point when you arrive at as far as possible, the app will be blocked for the rest of the day. The breaking points are adjustable every day of the week. For instance, detox from Facebook by just permitting 30 minutes for every weekday, limit Reddit to 20 minutes in the end of the week, or block Whatsapp following 1 hour of informing.


As a matter of course, the main choice to get to a blocked app is to reboot your telephone. On the off chance that that is excessively simple, you can handicap this in the app’s settings, with the end goal that much after a reboot your apps will in any case be blocked. This app utilizes the Device Administrator authorization. The consent can (alternatively) be empowered inside the app’s settings to forestall the app from being power shut or uninstalled, with the end goal that it is extremely unlikely to bypass a block. Slackers, this app is made for you.


Investigate the app blocker and web blocker features of the AppBlock app and adapt more insights concerning how this utility and security defender app works for your work-life balance:

  • Block application and locales: be fussy and particular about app dispatch.
  • Select to what extent you need to spend in a specific application or on a site for each day when a profile is dynamic.
  • Block warnings from a particular application: you can dodge undesirable correspondences.
  • Create profiles with rules for gatherings of specific applications: you can force limitations on open perceivability.
  • Use a clock and actuate profiles for a chose time window.
  • Protect your AppBlock application with a PIN code: it will improve your security convention and security arrangements on your gadget.
  • Profile lock (open just when the telephone is associated with charger).
  • Strict Mode to bolt your AppBlock settings.