How to Hide Whatsapp Conversation On Android Phone

MaskChat is a FREE one of a kind advanced Mask intended for android clients to look after protection, while having a private discussion on their cell phones. Talk Mask is an application which encourages you to Protect and Hide Chat Screen (Not just visit yet it covers the part of your screen for any app)from People around you.

Some of the time we don’t care for on the off chance that anybody read our private/significant discussions or find in our wireless screen while we are talking. So We made Chat Mask which gives you security and Hide Chat from individuals around you. With the assistance of Chat Mask individuals around you not ready to see talk content and photographs.

MaskChat is a security channel/security defender exceptionally made for Facebook Messenger, LINE and WhatsApp.

Assume you are going in a transport or metro and you are talking with somebody on your versatile however the individual sitting alongside you continues looking on your portable, presently this is the ideal time to put the drapery on your live visit from the spectator.

This application gives you a chance to shroud your private substance in open zones like transport or metro. Presently you will feel simple to visit by putting the veil on your screen.

☛ Hide pic

☛ Hide live talks

☛ Hide anything you desire

Cover visit application Highlights:

  • Set Mask On Screen.
  • Set Different veil topics.
  • Customize veil from exhibition photograph and make trasparent cover.
  • Secure any social talk utilizing cover visit application.

What you can stow away?

  1. Hide WhatsApp visit.
  2. Hide Snapchat.
  3. Hide facebook perusing.
  4. Hide WeChat.
  5. Hide screen while composing passwords or getting to private data.

Step by step instructions to utilize:

  • Download and Install MaskChat application on your android gadget. (For MI Users, if it’s not too much trouble go to settings and physically give authorization to draw over different applications)
  • Click on MaskChat application symbol.
  • A computerized window ornament opens to cover or shroud your telephone screen for security.
  • Drag it here and there to conceal their screens from spectators.
  • Adjust the mistiness utilizing the slider
  • Enable touch through component utilizing the switch catch to keep a lasting cover on your screen and utilize the telephone through it while keeping the haziness to most minimal.
  • Click on cross symbol and the window ornament will close, abandoning a drifting Maskchat symbol.

Why and When to utilize:

  1. COMMUTING: While going in metro, tram or some other open method of vehicle, to keep up their protection from the spectators.
  2. CHATTING: Draw this advanced veil while visiting on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Tinder, TrulyMadly, Happn, OkCupid Dating, Hitwe, Badoo, Woo or some other talking stage.
  3. DATING: To hide their private visit with their sweetheart or sweetheart from undesirable spectators while sitting alongside a companion, relatives or Parents.
  4. WATCHING: Keep the drifting Maskchat symbol on their screen while watching private recordings and can quickly drop the computerized window ornament on the off chance that anybody sees them.
  5. TRANSLUCENT SCREEN: While composing significant data or passwords. With MaskChat, you can close the drapery over the application and keep the keypad uncovered. Presently, others can’t perceive what is composed on the screen.
  6. PLAYING GAMES: Hide some piece of the screen while messing around with codes or private data.