How to Hide Whatsapp Media From Gallery

WhatsApp has now turned into the essential informing application for the vast majority of us, since the absolute first time it was propelled. The magnificent highlights which are in WhatsApp makes us addictive, and it is progressively famous since Facebook procured it.

A significant number of us in our day by day lives use WhatsApp a great deal, and sent a ton of documents through it and it is the most significant element of WhatsApp which made it prominent. Among the records, for the most part pictures we send and get in WhatsApp, a large number of them can be our private, which we don’t need others to see. However, it is irritating to such an extent that the pictures we move unmistakably show up in our telephone’s Gallery, on the grounds that since our portable might be utilized whenever by anybody, they can likewise observe the pictures which we don’t need them as well.

For all the Android cell phone clients, who are looking through how to hide WhatsApp pictures from exhibition in Android, your inquiry arrives at the end here.

You can follow the following given steps to Hide WhatsApp Media from gallery :

This App hides the WhatsApp pictures and recordings from the display. Presently be allowed to demonstrate your camera photographs and recordings to anybody. It doesn’t erase or scramble pictures or recordings. It simply hide it from the exhibition or some other photograph watcher application. You will in any case have the option to get to your photographs/recordings through document pilgrim, regardless of whether it is covered up. It likewise hides recently gotten pictures or recordings by WhatsApp. It doesn’t peruse your WhatsApp messages or any of your own information.

So be allowed to utilize this application.

Hide or Store your visit pictures, recordings and sounds before anybody see it

Visit Media Hider is ideal answer for your security

Hide individual pictures, recordings and sounds in a solitary Click

We as a whole know, ordinarily we get close pictures, recordings and anybody with your mobile phone can see it.

Remain sheltered and secured. Hide talk pictures and recordings with Chat Media Hider.

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Chat Media Hider Features:

  1. Hide all your whatsapp media ( Images, Videos and Audios ) in single tick.
  2. You can likewise include your media documents independently ( with the goal that solitary chose pictures and recordings will be shrouded ).
  3. All your shrouded documents will be put away in Chat Media Hider application and nobody can see them in display.
  4.  Protect your media documents with a secret phrase so no one but you can see.
  5.  All your login Attempts can be gotten to from the Access History and check whether anybody attempted to login.


  • Please recall the Secret inquiry and answer. You can reset your secret phrase with the mystery answer.
  • Reset secret word alternative will be accessible after 3 fruitless login endeavors.
  • Please click on Individual Mode for including documents physically.