How to Make an Animation Icon on the Notifications – Android Phones

I have done some exploration and discovered that it’s conceivable to have an advancement bar in the extended statusbar territory yet I am as yet not secure with whether the animation symbol is conceivable or not. I have attempted the appropriate response of this inquiry: Animation in Notification bar Custom View.

The main launcher application that will make the application symbols on your telephone ALIVE!

Set any of the animation modes: occasion within the application, continually enlivened symbol or not energized symbol.

Application and game symbols on your home screen and in the application cabinet are currently genuinely alive!!!

Launcher live (enlivened) symbols application is cooler than any live backdrops and even subjects. This is an extremely valuable component indeed and a genuine fan gave uniquely by osmino Launcher. You can now effectively find certain application on the home screen, see occasions with no compelling reason to utilize substantial gadgets that gobble up the screen and extra room and expend battery.

What’s more, that is also the way that all the home screens of your cell phone are not a lot of boring static symbols any longer, however a greate war zone for your preferred applications’ defiant live symbols.


  • The just a single launcher with vivified application symbols
  • Unique animation of prominent applications symbols
  • Animated shows with your applications symbols planned to open occasions and extraordinary occasions
  • Set symbol animation continually or for application occasions!

This is a beta launcher form and your input and proposals are wellcome! Don’t hesitate to send us your most loved application rundown to make their symbols live and subjects you wish to have as well!

Launcher application gathers information about the applications installed on the gadget for appropriate operating usefulness, just as for the steady improving and developing: customization and change of the home screen, grouping applications in envelopes, animation of every now and again utilized applications.