How to play online game Going South At game The Most Complete

How to play card Tien Len South  At 789BET, although it’s very simple, not everyone who is new to it can understand the specifics. If this is also your first time trying this game. So check out the guide below with us to be more confident when participating!

Overview of how to play Southern Cards at 789BET

Join the card game Tien Len Southern at the house 789BET. The first thing players need to understand is the general conventions of this game. This will be the basis for players to grasp How to play Cards Going South  fastest.

Learn how to play Southern Tien Len with 789BET

The convention of the Southern Tien Len deck 789BET

In the list of card games at 789BET, Tien Len Mien Nam is also a game that uses a 52-card deck to play. In this game, the values ​​of the cards will be conventionally ordered: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, 2.

In addition to dividing the size according to the value of the cards. Southern Tien Len 789BET also divides the deck into 4 separate suits with the order Bich < Chuan < Ro < Co. This means that in this deck 2 muscles will be the largest and 3 spades will be the smallest. The order of large and small of the quarters, grays or doubles will also be calculated according to the above convention.

RegulationsWhenSong Go To The South in 789bet

Once you have grasped the above conventions, players will immediately come to How to play card Tien Len South  As follows:

A game of Tien Len Southern at 789BET will usually have 2-4 players competing against each other. The dealer will randomly distribute 13 cards to the player, whoever hits all the cards first will win. The turn will start from the winner of the previous game and go clockwise. If it is the first game, the player with 3 spades will have the right to play first.

Players take turns playing cards/decks of higher value to block the previous player’s cards. If this is not met, the player will have to give up the turn and give the right to fight to the person behind.

The case after receiving the card, the player owns a continuous line from 3 to Ace. Or own one of the following sets: 5 pairs of pine, quarter 2, 4 gray, 6 pairs will win that hand.

In case a player hits two but is cut by four quarters, 3 or 4 pairs of pine will be penalized.

When the game ends and the player still has a quarter quart, 3 or 4 pairs of pine and 2 cards, it will be considered Rot. In case there are still 13 cards left in the hand, it will be considered Frozen.

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The convention on how to match cards in Tien Len Southern 789BET

In Tien Len Southern 789BET, players will have the following ways to match cards:

  • Four of a kind: will consist of 4 cards of the same value put together. Take for example the 3rd, 5th, 10th quarter quartet…So this game will have a total of 13 quarter quartets arranged in ascending order from 3 to 2.
  • Gray Set (triple): will consist of 3 cards of the same value put together. For example, the trio of trees 5, J, Q…
  • Pair: will consist of 2 cards of the same value put together. Take for example doubles 6, 9, K.
  • Hall: at least 3 or more cards of consecutive value and regardless of suit. The longer the lobby, the more advantage a player has.

Knowing the terminology is the most effective way to play Tien Len in the South

How to play Cards Tien Len South 789BET – specific operation

Tien Tien Len Southern Card 789BET is an entertainment game that changes rewards online. Therefore, to join the game here we need to have a valid member account. In addition, the playing process also needs to comply with and comply with the rules set by the house.

Go to 789BET and create a member account

Players access 789BET’s live betting site through a trusted official link. Here, click on the “Register” box to be redirected to the 789BET member account creation interface.

At this point, please provide exactly the information that the bookie requires, including: Username, password, phone number, email address, verification code. Once completed, click on the “Register now” section and wait a few seconds to be granted an official member account.

Go to the Casino lobby and select Tien Len South

Once the account has been successfully granted, the player will log back into the home page of the house and select the item “Game cards”. Continue to click on the card game icon Tien Len Southern and select the table you want to join.

Choose Casino 789BET to know more about how to play Tien Len Southern card

Place a bet and play Go to the South

Entering the game, the system will start dealing 13 cards in turn to each player. In each round, players will have 15 seconds to decide how they will play cards. After 15 seconds, if the player has not made a decision, the turn will be defaulted. The player wants to play any card, just click on it.


 How to play card Tien Len South at 789BET is not difficult but you need to follow the rules to win. Quickly register for this game day at 789BET to bring home lots of bonuses!