How to set full/long video in WhatsApp Status

How to set full/long video in WhatsApp Status?

You can put cites, photographs, videos, GIF in WhatsApp Status to tell your companions what’s going on with you, which is great since it can carry your companions nearer to your life.

Be that as it may, there are constrains on video size and length in WhatsApp Status. How to sidestep the breaking points to place the longer or full video in WhatsApp Status?

Whatsapp Status Video Length and Size Limit:

In WhatsApp, you can’t send videos bigger than 16MB, which is typically a video of 90 seconds to 3 minutes of video. In any case, the video you can transfer to WhatsApp Status is much littler and shorter, that is the video you placed in WhatsApp Status ought to be no longer than 30 seconds.

Cut Videos for WhatsApp Status:

You can do that without an application. Simply transfer your long video to WhatsApp status, there will be a white slider to for you select 30 seconds cut from the long video. Select the 30 seconds of your long video. Rehash it until you have placed the full video in WhatsApp Status.

How to set full/long video in WhatsApp Status?

Be that as it may, WhatsApp can’t split your long video unequivocally. You may need to cut your video into a few cumbersome clasps. To stay away from that, you can physically cut videos for WhatsApp Status by downloading a video shaper.

How to set full/long video in WhatsApp Status?

In the event that you would prefer not to split a long video in WhatsApp Status and truly need an answer for detour the video length limit, you can utilize WA Tweaks, an application that is intended to sidestep WhatsApp limit, for example, 30 seconds length limit for WhatsApp Status. The application likewise enables you to change the subject of WhatsApp, send photographs in full goals, and so on.

WhatSaga is an utility device to enable you to post stories longer than 30 seconds by splitting them into parts of 29-second videos and sharing them at the same time in a moment!.

Presenting long video statuses on WhatsApp is simply simpler in light of the fact that you don’t have to chop them down physically, WhatSaga will do it for you in a moment and offer it to WhatsApp.

To split video:

  • Select the video which you need to share as whatsapp status.
  • Choose the time scope of video with range seekbar appeared beneath the video.
  • Click on ‘Trim and Share on Whatsapp’ catch
  • That’s it, Whatsapp Tool will trim(split) the video into various parts and will let you to share the chose video on Whatsapp as Status.