How to Use Artificial Grass in Your Home

Artificial grass is a popular option for landscaping because it looks great year-round and requires very little maintenance. It’s also a good choice for homes with pets because it can be used for dog runs, play areas and potty spots. It’s easy to install on any flat surface and is a cost-effective way to make a backyard more attractive without the work of caring for real turf.

If you’ve recently purchased turf and have leftover artificial grass off-cuts, don’t let them go to waste. Instead, get creative and use the faux lawn in your home. From making unique placemats for the dining table to transforming a boring balcony into a green oasis, there are many ways to use artificial turf around your house.

1. Outdoor furniture

If your backyard is a gathering spot for family and friends, artificial grass can be used to add comfort and style. The turf can be cut into cushions for outdoor chairs and benches, or it can be used to cover the entire seating area. The synthetic grass is also useful for pool decks and patios, as it helps prevent slippery surfaces around the edges of high splash zones.

2. Flower beds

For a more natural look, artificial grass can be laid over existing soil in flowerbeds, replacing traditional mulch. The turf will not only give your garden a richer color, but it will help with moisture retention and deter weeds. Artificial grass is also a good choice for gardens with shady spots, as it will grow lusher and more full in these shaded locations.

3. Patios

For an elevated backyard look, artificial grass can be used to cover concrete or poured-in-place patios. The turf will provide a comfortable, soft surface for sitting, and it will keep the concrete from becoming slippery when it rains. It can also be used around hot tubs, water features and outdoor showers to create a safe, clean space for guests and children to bathe.

4. Kids’ playground

For kids’ outdoor activities, you can cover a play area with artificial turf to reduce the risk of slipping and injuring yourself on hard surfaces. The fake grass is soft and warm underfoot, making it a great choice for children’s play equipment. It is also easy to clean, providing a safer alternative to traditional wood-and-styrofoam playgrounds.

5. Pets

One of the most popular uses for pet-friendly artificial turf is in dog runs and pet potty areas. These areas provide dogs and other animals a sanitary and comfortable place to relieve themselves. The artificial turf can be swept up and removed with a brush or broom for quick cleaning. The infill in these pet areas is made from a recycled product that’s often mixed with organic material to reduce the smell of urine.

Before laying down the turf, you should lay down a base layer to ensure proper drainage. For most climates, a 3-4 inch layer of stone, gravel or 3/4″ construction grade crushed rock will allow excess water to drain freely. The dirt should be compacted at a minimum of 95% using a vibrating plate or roller, to ensure a firm and level surface. A geotextile weed barrier layer can be added if you wish, to inhibit weeds from sprouting under the turf.