Information about Vietnamese hair wholesale and places to

1. The reason why Vietnamese hair wholesale so sought after

Vietnamese hair is renowned for its unique beauty, naturally jet black colors, silky texture and a beautiful healthy glow. This is why it is the latest buzz in the hair extension market, which draws a lot of attention from buyers from every corner of the world. Rumor flies, many hair harvesters have made their way to Vietnam to get Vietnamese hair wholesale for its origin,  excellent quality and affordable price. 

1.1. Vietnamese hair wholesale has clear origin

Vietnamese hair is the raw hair that is directly collected from Vietnamese women who mostly live in rural areas and mountainous regions. Thanks to the tropical climate, herbal hair care routine and healthy lifestyle, women here are endowed with alluring jet black hair. Vietnamese women have the habit of growing long hair and selling them to the hair vendor for a fraction of income.

The hair then is carefully selected to ensure the best quality, uniform length without any damage or breakage. The hair sourcing itself is a meticulous process that plays an important part in determining the quality of the hair item before it’s sold to the customers. Getting Vietnamese hair wholesale can surely give you peace of mind about the hair origin. 

1.2. Vietnamese hair wholesale is supplied in a wide range of products

It’s a wise decision to purchase Vietnamese hair wholesale if you want a wide selection of products. Vietnamese hair is versatile and durable, which means it can be styled in various hairstyles from bone straight, wavy to curly. It’s also available in numerous colors from the dark shade like black, dark brown, to medium and neutral hue like light brown, dark blonde,..and vibrant colors like pastel, red, blue…The lengths are also varied. And depends on your budget you can choose hair of any quality grade from single, double to superdouble hair.

1.3. Vietnamese hair wholesale is of top-notch quality

Thanks to the clear origin and meticulous sourcing practice, Vietnamese hair wholesale has undoubtedly top-notch quality. Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers are considered among the best wholesale hair suppliers in the world for this high quality hair.

  • Beautiful texture: Unlike other types of Asian hair that is dry and curly, Vietnamese hair stands out with straight, soft and silky texture yet it’s luxuriant with natural shine when you place it under sunlight. The cuticle is aligned, giving a sign of good workmanship and standard manufacturing process that doesn’t damage the hair’s outer covering and derive it of its own moisture. 
  • Durability: Buying Vietnamese hair wholesale is a great investment in the long run as it can last up to 3 or 5 years with proper care and maintenance. 
  • Versatility: Vietnamese hair items had the quality and characteristics of natural hair. It’s strong, durable and easy to manage. The straight and soft texture make it incredibly versatile. You can make changes to the hair to match your styles: you can curl it, straighten it, dye it in any colors you like or even bleach it and the hair still remains as good as new with good care.
  • Low-maintenance: Like other types of hair, Vietnamese hair item does need maintenance as it’s cut from the scalp and is unable to moisturize itself. However, this hair item requires minimal maintenance to preserve its own quality. 

With all the favorable characteristics above, Vietnamese hair is truly an attractive hair source to hair wholesalers from all over the world. Buying Vietnamese hair wholesale is a great way to get top-notch quality hair items at an affordable price.

1.4. Vietnamese hair wholesale is affordable

Not only does Vietnamese hair wholesale have its exceptional beauty and quality,  but this human commodity is also claimed to have a very reasonable price thanks to the abundant hair source and qualified workers in Vietnam. The price of an 8- inch bulk straight hair can start from 11$, which is a bit higher than the price of 10$ of the same product from an Indian hair vendor. It’s a little bit higher than the Indian alternative but this is considered affordable in terms of better quality. 

2. Factors affect Vietnamese hair wholesale price 

Vietnamese hair wholesale price may depend on the hair length, quality grade, hair styles and types of hair extensions you choose. 

  • The hair length: Hair length is a factor that affects the cost of the hair you want to buy. The longer the hair is, the more expensive it is. Due to the rarity of long hair and the fact that it takes a long time and much effort to grow long hair, the hair vendor will charge you a higher price for it.  Normally, the available hair length is from 8 to 30 inches.
  • Quality grade: Quality grade is a measurement to evaluate and categorize Vietnamese hair wholesale into three groups of quality: Single, double, super double hair based on the uniformity of the length. “Single” means the consistency in length is about 50-55%, “double” indicates that 70-75% of the hair is of the same length and “super double” is the most expensive with 90-95% uniform hair length. This is the most frequent way to determine the price of Vietnamese hair. 
  • Hair styles: The price of the hair also depends on the way it is styled. The more complicated and sophisticated texture it has, the more it costs. Natural straight hair apparently costs less than wavy and curly hair. Bleached hair in vibrant color is more costly than hair in natural black or darker shade as it requires the most healthy hair and more treatment process to achieve that look. 
  • Types of hair extension: One thing that many customers must notice when buying Vietnamese hair wholesale is that the price is also different based on the hair extension types. Bulk hair is usually the cheapest as it’s just tied together in an elastic band. Weft hair is also less expensive than other types of hair extensions like clip-ins or tape-ins.

There are many factors that affect the price of Vietnamese hair wholesale. Based on your needs and budget, you can pick up the hair items that you want. However, in general Vietnamese hair is considered reasonable compared to other types of hair in the market.

There are four factors affecting Vietnamese hair wholesale price.

3. Buying Vietnamese hair wholesale from wholesale supplier 

In order to get high quality Vietnamese hair wholesale, you need to find a reliable wholesale supplier. In this part, we will get to know the features of Vietnamese hair wholesale suppliers and the process of purchasing Vietnamese hair wholesale.

3.1. Features of Vietnamese hair wholesale supplier

There are two main kinds of hair suppliers in Vietnam: hair factories and commercial companies. Wholesale Vietnamese hair factory is the main manufacturer of hair products.They produce hair with all the necessary inputs and supply it to the market. On the other hand, a commercial company is the distributor, the middleman that helps distribute the products from the suppliers to the final consumers. When buying Vietnamese hair wholesale, it’s advisable that you should choose a wholesale hair supplier to get hair from. Here are some features of the Vietnamese hair wholesale supplier.

  • Production scale: Vietnamese hair factories are usually available from small to medium size with just enough adequate facilities and machinery to manufacture hair. There are just a few big factories, however, thanks to the skilled laborers, they can produce enough hair to meet the increasing demands from the global market.
  • Product variety: Vietnamese hair wholesalers can provide any kind of products requested from customers. They offer a wide range of hair styles, textures, colors and lengths.
  • Price: If you decide to buy Vietnamese hair wholesale from a wholesale supplier, you can get the best price, as you can get a discount when buying in bulk and the cost is less expensive since the products don’t have to go through any retail distribution channel.
  • Fast shipping: Vietnam is a country that’s located in a favorable geographical location for logistics activity. They can offer you fast and reliable shipping without delay, which is usually from 3 to 7 days.

Vietnamese wholesale suppliers can provide you with the best Vietnamese hair wholesale products, price and shipping. The process of buying hair from Vietnamese wholesalers will be covered in the next part.

Vietnamese hair wholesale suppliers provide a wide range of products.

3.2. Process of purchasing Vietnamese hair wholesale from supplier

After knowing some features about Vietnamese hair suppliers, here we come to the process of purchasing Vietnamese wholesale directly from the manufacturer.

  • Look for information online: By googling the best hair vendors in Vietnam, you can get the brief information about the most popular and dependable suppliers. You can also visit their websites to see their work, what products they offer and the price they set.
  • Contact for further information: After picking up the most suitable hair supplier for yourself, it’s time to get every in-depth information you need to know. Get the contact details on the website and get in touch with your suppliers via email, Whatsapp, phone number or on social media like facebook, instagram.
  • Place an order: After having more information and finding a suitable Vietnamese hair wholesale source for yourself, it’s time to place an order. You can go to the main websites and add the products to your cart and click buy if they have these features or place your order through message
  • Payment: When you buy Vietnamese hair wholesale, the suppliers will ask you to pay in advance, usually 30% of the invoice value. Check the invoice carefully and make a payment through Paypal,  electronic bank transfers or other kinds of online payment platforms.
  • Shipping: After making payment, it will take around 3-7 days for your packages to arrive. The most popular shipping channels are FedEx, Ups, DHL,..If you want to import in large quantities from the factory, consider air freight or ocean freight.
  • Receive the order: After receiving the package, it’s important to check the products carefully. Pay close attention to the number of items, the quality of the hair and decide to return or exchange if any defects are detected.

The process of buying Vietnamese hair wholesale isn’t complicated but it has a lot of details which you need to carefully look into.

4. Tips to buy vietnamese hair wholesale 

So as to help you avoid any mishaps when making a purchase, here are some tips to find a reliable Vietnamese hair wholesale supplier and tips to get the best deal. 

4.1. Tips to find a reliable Vietnamese hair wholesale supplier

It can be daunting to find a reliable Vietnamese hair wholesale supplier when there are a lot of options available. These tips below will help you narrow the list of potential suppliers.

  • Read the reviews: A hair supplier will have both positive and negative reviews from customers. By reading the reviews, you can figure out what customers love and hate about that brand and whether to buy Vietnamese hair wholesale from there or not. 
  • Buy a sample: To avoid risking money on buying bad quality hair extensions, you can ask for a sample in advance to check the  quality, color and textures of the hair before deciding to make a purchase.
  • Visit the factory: It’s crucial to take a close look into the hair factory’s manufacturing activities. Be attentive to the production scale, working conditions and production chain.
  • Do a video call and ask for images of hair products: When buying Vietnamese hair wholesale, you should ask for images and video calls to check up on  the condition, quality and quantity of the products.

Finding a trustworthy hair supplier can be a bit daunting especially if you are new to this field. Stick to the tips above and pick up the best supplier for your needs. 

4.2. Tips to get the best deal when buying Vietnamese hair wholesale

These tips will be helpful to you if you want to get the best deal when buying Vietnamese hair wholesale.

  • Buy hair in bulk: Since the wholesale suppliers offer a large number and variety of products, you can get a discount when you buy hair in bulk. This is a way to get premium Vietnamese hair wholesale 
  • Negotiate with the suppliers: As some suppliers wont give the best price at first, you should ask for three quantity price breakdowns and find the suitable price for both parties. 
  • Ask for price from several suppliers: If you need a high quality hair source with the best price, you can ask for price from several hair suppliers. Although usually higher price means better quality, it isn’t always the case. You need to check the quality of the hair carefully before making a decision to avoid putting too much money on the table.

Getting the best deal when purchasing Vietnamese hair wholesale may not be as hard as you thought. By buying hair in bulk, negotiating and asking for prices from several hair vendors, you can easily get the best products with the most affordable price.

5. The best places to buy Vietnamese hair wholesale

If you have come this far, you probably get a good grip on Vietnamese hair wholesale, the buying process, and tips to buy this hair item. Nevertheless, it still seems miles away from the hands-on approach. Don’t worry, in the last part, top places to buy Vietnamese hair wholesale will be revealed to you.

5.1. Vin Hair Vendor – the best places to buy Vietnamese hair wholesale

Vin Hair Vendor has over 10 years of expertise in the Vietnamese hair extension market. Establishing itself as a globally recognized brand, Vin Hair is committed to providing the top quality Vietnamese hair wholesale with the most competitive prices and excellent service.

  • Products: they provide top quality Vietnamese hair in the form of hair bulk, hair weft, hair extensions in various styles: from natural straight, bone straight to wavy and curly
  • Lengths: 6-32 inches
  • Price: from 8$
  • Policy: accept refunds, returns and exchanges

Vin Hair Vendor is the first option when it comes to buying Vietnamese hair wholesale. From them you can get not only top-notch hair products but also reasonable price and professional advice.

Vin Hair Vendor is the best Vietnamese hair wholesale supplier.

5.2. Mic Hair – a reliable supplier to get Vietnamese hair wholesale from

Mic Hair is one of the best hair factories in Vietnam that specializes in producing and exporting raw Vietnamese hair wholesale to customers from all over the world.

  • Products: Vietnamese raw hair in three quality grade: Single, double and super double
  • Lengths: 6-30 inches
  • Price: from 14$
  • Policy: 30-day return policy

Having years of experience in in hair business, Mic Hair understands the needs for Vietnamese hair wholesale and strives to meet the expectations of customers worldwide

5.3. 5S Hair – a popular Vietnamese hair wholesale factory

5S Hair is a popular hair vendor that exports Vietnamese hair wholesale to the global market. As a certified brandholder, 5s Hair promises to bring the customers the best product and the best experience.

  • Products: mostly bulk hair and weft hair with straight, wavy, curly and pixie textures in a large colors range
  • Lengths: 6-32 inches
  • Price: from 9$
  • Policy: assurance and exchange policy

5S Hair is a wholesale manufacturer that supplies Vietnamese hair wholesale products with very reasonable prices. Though 5s Hair doesn’t have a large range of products, this hair vendor is still worth a try.

5.4. Lady Hair – a famous Vietnamese hair wholesale company

Lady Hair is a human hair supplier, which is famous for supplying high quality Vietnamese hair wholesale. 

  • Products: mostly bulk hair and wigs in black, brown and neutral shades
  • Lengths: 6-30 inches
  • Price: from 10$
  • Policy: returns and shipping policy

Lady hair has a good collection of exceptional Vietnamese hair wholesale products that will satisfy the most demanding customers. With their good reputation, this hair company wont let you down.

5.5. Cyhair – a reputable Vietnamese hair wholesale vendor

CyHair is known as one of the pioneers in the hair industry with an innovative approach toward R$D, styling and coloring hair coming with professional sales and service.

  • Products: tip-ins, tape-ins, closures, frontals, ponytail, micro ring,… in numerous styles, textures and colors
  • Lengths: 8-30 inches
  • Price: From 9$
  • Policy: refunds and exchanges accepted

CyHair is a well-known brand in supplying Vietnamese hair wholesale with a wide variety of products and exceptional quality, which is a good option for someone who wants to buy hair in large quantities.