Serhiy Tokarev about Prospects of Roosh investments in GlassFlow

Serhiy Tokarev, a Ukrainian IT investor and co-founder of Roosh, shared news about Roosh Ventures projects within GlassFlow. This is a German startup that is creating a platform for controlling huge amounts of information. Together with other financial investors such as High-Tech Gründerfonds, Robin Capital and TinyVC, as well as personalities such as Thomas Domke, CEO of GitHub, and Heikki Nousiainen, the startup actually raised $1.1 million in its early stage of development.

Serhiy Tokarev, as an experienced businessman and investor, argues that Roosh Ventures’ investment in GlassFlow illustrates not only the importance of this startup but also confirms confidence in its potential in the information management market. Tokarev notes that everyday information technology is becoming more and more important for various industries, and GlassFlow, developing innovative solutions in the field of data management, is becoming a key player in this area. His confidence in the startup’s prospects is based on careful market analysis and his experience investing in successful technology companies.

Tokarev also expresses confidence that Roosh Ventures will provide significant support to GlassFlow as it strives to realize its potential in the information technology sector. He emphasizes that a successful partnership with Roosh Ventures will allow the startup to effectively use the resources and experience of the fund for further growth and development.

Serhiy Tokarev also noted that the current situation of information analytics is estimated at more than 15 billion dollars, and by 2026 this indicative estimate is expected to reach 50 billion dollars. He expressed confidence that GlassFlow will be able to take a decisive position in this direction in the near future.

GlassFlow is a startup that aims to disrupt the data analytics industry by offering new ways to prepare data streams. This allows businesses to use real-time information to successfully make critical decisions. Given the enormous potential of this idea, GlassFlow could become a key player in this market.

Armend Avdijay, CEO of GlassFlow, emphasizes the company’s commitment to creating a system that makes it easy for data scientists to control the flow of data to drive business development and growth. GlassFlow offers mechanisms that will allow companies to more quickly and efficiently use large amounts of data to achieve their goals. Most importantly, GlassFlow is trying to develop a system for quick access, which ultimately leads to faster decision-making and business growth.

Roosh Ventures is a Ukrainian company that effectively promotes the development of new businesses at different stages and covers various types of business. Over the past three years, support has been dynamic in the segments of artificial intelligence, financial innovation, gaming, and recovery innovation. Roosh Ventures is involved in attracting global reserves for joint investment in promising innovative companies and centres in the markets of the European Union and the United States. Support has already been provided to such outstanding new companies as Deel, TheGuarantors, Oura, Pipe, Alma, Playco, Smart Labs, Change, and more than 35 other companies. 

Roosh Ventures invested in the startup Rollstack. This startup has created an interesting system that automatically creates and updates various archives such as presentations, financial reports, business reviews, and much more. Roosh Ventures effectively engages with its portfolio companies, providing them with the opportunity to implement and integrate cutting-edge developments and machine learning advances, as well as contribute to the selection of skilled craftsmen and the improvement of their businesses.