The Power of Suggestion: Using Hypnosis to Rewire Unhealthy Eating Patterns

If you are worried about your unhealthy eating routine, do not worry ― you’re not the only one with bad eating habits. According to reports, 90% of US citizens eat too much salt, and under 10% of teenagers and adults eat only enough fruits. 

Why so? Eating unhealthy food might be due to less knowledge of nutritious diets or you’re too busy to eat balanced meals. 

To control your bad eating habits, hypnosis is considered one of the best and most practiced solutions nowadays. With hypnotherapy for unhealthy eating patterns, you can get to the root of your eating problem with the guidance of top hypnotherapists in Arizona.

In this blog, you’ll explore the role of food in your health and how a therapist can use different hypnosis suggestions to improve your eating habits. Let’s get started!

The Role of Food in Breaking or Making Your Health

Everyone knows a healthy diet leads to a long life. What makes food ‘healthy’ is a low quantity of saturated fats and sodium and a high fiber count. It can also help you manage chronic conditions. 

What are Unhealthy Eating Patterns:

Your eating patterns also play a crucial role in your health. Here are some unhealthy eating habits that damage your health:

  • Skipping Meals: You’ll crave unhealthy food when you refuse to eat. You’ll particularly want to eat foods high in Fat, sugar, and salt. Moreover, skipping meals affects you mentally, too. Plus, you’ll be irritable and feel ill if you skip meals. 
  • Emotional Eating: You’ll probably overeat processed foods if you use food to manage your feelings. You’ll increase your chances of getting diabetes and heart disease if you eat a large quantity of junk food.
  • Eating Quickly: You’ll get indigestion, heartburn, and unwanted weight if you consume food too fast.
  • Constant Snacking: Constant snacking can lead to increased weight.
  • Dining before Sleeping: You should eat 2 – 3 hours before you go to rest. Actually, you’ll get indigestion if you eat right before you sleep. This will also disturb your sleep.
  • Mindless Eating: You risk gaining weight when you consume food without paying attention to what’s on your plate. Indeed, mindless food consumption leads to overeating. In turn, you’ll gain weight if you overeat. 

What Happens When You Eat Unhealthy Food:

You’re likely to have the following health issues when you do not eat well:

  • Heart Diseases: Unhealthy eating patterns increase your blood pressure and cholesterol, especially if you eat junk food. And so, your heart will be damaged by the elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 
  • Excessive Weight: You’ll increase your chances of becoming heavier when you eat foods that are high in calories.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: If you eat sugary foods, you’ll reduce insulin sensitivity. As a result, you’ll become at risk of Type 2 Diabetes since you’re less able to process sugar. 
  • Cancer: Researchers have stated that eating unhealthy food can lead to cancer diseases. 

How Hypnosis Can Help with Unhealthy Eating Patterns?

Hypnotherapy puts you in a trance where you are more susceptible to suggestions. And so your therapist uses suggestions to uncover the reasons behind your poor eating habits. 

Particularly, they help you imagine different ways which might lead you to improve your eating patterns. Then, they’ll make these ideas concrete in your subconscious through repetitive suggestions. After awakening from the trance, you’ll feel a different perception of food.

Now, let’s explore how different hypnotherapy methods will help you deal with your unhealthy eating patterns. 

  • Regression Hypnotherapy

Regression is a type of hypnosis where your therapist guides you through past events. You can find more apt solutions by examining how you developed your unhealthy eating habits. 

For instance, your therapist might guide you through childhood memories using suggestions. There, you could discover that you have repeatedly eaten in response to stressful situations. With this information, you can now begin to tackle your emotional eating.

  • Suggestion Hypnotherapy

Suggestion hypnosis relies on commands to rewire your mind. A therapist will suggest you change your feelings and behaviors to positively affect the way you eat. 

For example, to help you with skipping meals, your therapist might say something like:

“Every day, you eat three healthy meals.”

If you struggle with snacking on junk food, your therapist might say:

“It is not mealtime yet. Only eat a single fruit.”

And if you tend to eat too close to your sleep time, your therapist may say:

“Each night, you prepare your meals four hours before sleep. Your meals are always on time. You are proud of yourself.”

  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Ericksonian hypnosis relies on indirect suggestions. This method uses metaphors and storytelling to make you change your eating behavior. The Ericksonian method is particularly effective if you are not receptive to hypnosis. 

Here’s an example of the Ericksonian method for mindless and quick eaters:

“When you eat a meal, you can take your time to gaze down at it. You’re allowed to smell it and identify each spice. You may take a bite and taste the different flavors. You may note down each one in your diary.”

In this example, there is the indirect suggestion of slowing down and appreciating a meal. This suggestion aims to help a mindless eater become more mindful. Additionally, the suggestion slows down quick eaters.


Now you understand the importance of healthy food and how suggestions can help you build better eating habits. When your therapist uses suggestions during hypnosis, they talk directly to your subconscious mind. And so, suggestions can help you not only understand why you have unhealthy eating patterns but also how to deal with them. With suggestions, your therapist also places solutions to your eating problems in your head. And when you walk out of the session, you’ll have the drive to eat well.