Top 4 Benefits of Embedding OTT Applications into a Video Streaming Business 

The OTT/IPTV industry is growing and evolving, especially with the increasing usage of Smart TVs and the development of Internet connectivity. According to experts, the revenue in the OTT video market is expected to reach $323 billion in 2023 and amount to $474 billion by 2027. 

Due to multiple reasons, viewers switch from traditional television to OTT streaming services. It means that it can be high time you invest in IPTV app development for every device. Let’s observe why it is better to consider this possibility.

Top 4 Benefits of Launching OTT Applications

When considering adding OTT applications to your business, you should know that you can develop one from scratch or obtain a white-label OTT solution. What benefits can OTT apps bring?

#1 Boosts conversions

Firstly, having your own app means that you don’t compete with other content providers. People access your service in order to watch your video content. They cannot switch to another channel within your own streaming service. 

It means that your videos receive full attention from your audience. You get loyal viewers who like your content.

Secondly, allowing people to watch your videos on any device can also help you grow your user base. There will be more chances to reach people across many gadgets, which also means more conversions. 

#2 Bond with viewers

A video streaming website is great, but its disadvantage is that viewers access it, watch what they want, and leave. The interaction ends here, and it is difficult to build relationships with your viewers further.

OTT applications allow you to communicate with users via push notifications, newsletters, live chats, and other means. Such small interactions will help you increase your brand awareness and strengthen your bond with customers. 

#3 Revenue opportunities

The OTT market growth is driven by the expansion of the mobile phone market and the 5G rise. These make the launch of a video streaming platform a perfect business opportunity. For example, an OTT solution is what helps TVALB deliver content via Albanian TV app from one country to another.

Since viewers look for new content and technology development allows you to deliver a smooth viewing experience, an OTT app is a way to generate revenue and bond with customers. 

Multiple monetization models embedded into an OTT solution allow you to have a revenue stream in different ways: advertisements, subscriptions, pay-per-view, and hybrid. Moreover, having a loyal customer base might guarantee a recurring revenue flow.

#4 Analytics of user behavior

Analytics tools integrated into an OTT application can help you analyze user behavior. You can keep track of their preferences, reactions to ads, and behavior during the video playback. 

These valuable data insights can help you make better decisions in terms of content creation, user experience, and engagement.

Tip on Which OTT App to Launch First

There are plenty of devices that people utilize to watch video content: smartphones, iPhones, Smart TVs, laptops, and tablets. Then, which app should you launch first? 

According to statistics, more than 75% of all video views are coming from mobile devices, which represents that consumption on mobile is becoming the norm. Android mobile phones are spread more widely, especially in non-English speaking countries. In English-speaking countries, iOS is more popular.

Still, TVs are more comfortable for watching any kind of video, whether entertainment or educational. Among TVs, the most widespread for streaming is Roku. So, if you decide to create an app for a TV, consider Roku first.

Drawing the Line

OTT applications are beneficial for a video streaming business in many ways. They help you increase conversions, interact with viewers, bond with them, and analyze their behavior. All these factors allow you to expand your business and grow revenue.