Top 5 Tips To Set Your Remote Workers Up For Success

Remote work is here to stay, so making sure that work-from-home workers have the same support as in-office workers is important to their success. Although it can be difficult to manage remote workers, free teams backgrounds make it easier to stay in touch and look professional online regardless of your position. You may have to learn new management skills to offer support to remote workers more effectively. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re working with remote workers.

Keeping Open Communication

Remote workers can be hindered when they aren’t in constant communication with their team like they might be in the office. Provide methods for everyone to communicate well and often. Email can be clunky to let others know that they’ve stepped away, so you may need to use another system. Ask your team to use a calendar to make planning meetings easier and to see when people are taking PTO. You may need to find effective ways to communicate with your remote team.

Clarifying Expectations

Make sure that your remote team members know what is expected of them while they’re not working in the office. Specific guidelines can reduce frustration when waiting for answers. Don’t just think about their work output, but about communication, taking breaks and responding to others. What are appropriate time frames to provide responses to email or message boards? How and when should team members give notice when away from their communication devices? Do you want notification if they just step away to use the restroom or get a fresh cup of coffee or not? Use an Office background to promote professionalism when working.

Giving Remote Workers a Chance

Assess productivity on a regular basis. Avoid micromanaging when a remote worker is producing results. Give your remote team a chance to make the transition to remote working when they start. Find a way to measure progress every one or two days with the help of Microsoft Teams Voice. Remember, remote workers may not have a commute, but they may still be dealing with things at home that can’t be avoided. A plumbing emergency can seem even worse when it occurs in the middle of the workday. Deal with problems in productivity right away instead of hoping things will change.

Providing the Right Tools

Remote workers need access to virtual meeting branding & customization just as much as in-office workers. You may need to provide better equipment to your remote workers to make sure they can do their job well. Ask about their internet connection to make sure it can handle the productivity you require. Find ways to make sure that employees can succeed. You can even hire a co-working space canary wharf or offer them an allowance to join one for better productivity.

Respecting Their Time

It can be difficult to manage work-life balance when your work is in your dining room. Make sure to respect your remote workers time by clarifying expectations about answering questions outside of work hours. If you’ve got many remote workers across different time zones, make sure everyone understands that there may be a wait for answers. Respecting each other’s time frame can make remote working more pleasant and effective.