Top 6 Restaurant Near Legoland, Malaysia

Around LEGOLAND Malaysia is the township, there are a wide variety of cuisines. However, what truly caught our attention was the enticing aroma of delectable food options. Prompting us to explore this culinary haven with an empty stomach!

Taking a leisurely stroll around the blocks is also enjoyable. Thanks to the five-foot walkway that offers shelter from the elements. Let embarked on a delightful food expedition. To discovering restaurants near to Legoland Malaysia, not only exceptional cuisine but also pleasant surprises along the way.

1. Restaurant Hua Mui JB

The iconic Hainanese Chicken Chop coffee shop, originally located in JB City Centre. Established in 1946, has recently expanded to Eco Botanic. Retaining its traditional coffee shop ambiance, the new outlet offers a delightful experience.

You can indulge in their renowned Hainanese chicken chop here. That served with roasted tomatoes and crispy potato wedges, or venture into the flavors of their innovative Blueberry Chicken Chop.

Additionally, you can savor traditional toasts and the authentic Hua Mui Mee, ensuring a truly satisfying culinary experience.

2. Good Times Cafe

Nestled between Starbucks and Hua Mui, you’ll find Good Times Café here. A charming establishment adorned with nostalgic trinkets and memorabilia that transport you back in time.

Step inside and immerse yourself in the ambiance of days gone by. Indulge in a delectable array of breakfast options such as Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam, and Char Mee.

The café offers a nostalgic dining experience that will leave you yearning for more. This café provide a wide rang if cuisine form local to western.

3. Ah Po Jia Eco Botanic

If you’re seeking another charming retro-style café that will earn Ah Ma’s approval. Don’t miss out on the incredibly quaint Ah Po Jia, hidden behind the front row of Eco Botanic.

Step back in time and relive the nostalgic kampong days as you immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere. With its mama shop snack corner, wooden-planked walls adorned with black and white photographs, and vintage furniture.

The menu at Ah Po Jia varies depending on the freshest ingredients sourced for the day. Ensuring you’ll be treated to a delightful selection of old-school delights that will surely satisfy your cravings for nostalgic flavors.

4. Kang Bee Hong

Kang Bee Hong is a renowned chicken rice brand in Malaysia, famous among students from the nearby Legoland. Indulge in a satisfying serving of flavorful chicken rice at their outlet in Eco Botanic.

Enhance your meal with delicious additions like char siew, siew yok, curry chicken, and wanton soup. This air-conditioned eatery offers affordable prices, making it a popular choice for a budget-friendly dining experience in the area.

Their steamed and roasted chicken is delectable, especially eat with the sauce. Their curry chicken also highly recommended by locals, curry chicken portion is big and with much vegetable.

5. H Gourmet Eco Botanic

If you’re seeking a combination of healthy and flavorful dishes in a serene environment, look no further than H Gourmet. This restaurant is renowned for its sous vide cooking technique, ensuring that each dish is both satisfying and nourishing.

Indulge in their unique offerings such as the Seafood Dragon Fruit Salad, Beef Kimchi Pai Tee tapas and Kimchi Chicken Panini. To complete your dining experience, treat yourself to their delightful selection of gelato and pastries.

At H Gourmet, you can enjoy a culinary journey that not only tastes good but also leaves you feeling good. Undoubtful, this is a great dinning option near to the Legoland.

6. Tom & Danny Cafe

If you’re a fan of 100% Arabica Coffee beans and crave a diverse selection of both. Coffee and non-coffee beverages like matcha, genmai, or houjicha, then Tom & Danny Café is the perfect spot for you.

Located in a stylish double-storey corner unit. This café offers a relaxing ambiance where you can sit back and watch the world go by. Indulge in their delectable Big Breakfast sets, Scallion Pancakes, Souffle and Mille Crepe, and more.

For those seeking savory options, they also serve Japanese Curry Rice, Spaghetti, and a variety of fried rice dishes. At Tom & Danny Cafe, you can sip on your favorite coffee or explore new flavors while enjoying a delightful culinary experience.

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