How to Convert Audio into text on Android

Have you at any point been getting voice messages from WhatsApp and not having the option to tune in around then? Presently you can change over them to content and know in time what your companions impart, notwithstanding when the circumstance does not permit. This gratitude to Transcriber, without time limits.

What is this Product?

Transcriber is a product for manual and programmed translating of sound records. content manager and sound player are on a similar window, and there are numerous capacities (like: auto rewind, content to-discourse, discourse to-content, sound content connecting, … ) to help manual deciphering of (discourse) sound record as simple as could be expected under the circumstances.


Students may record their instructor’s discourse at class, compose it later utilizing video transcription and make leaflets in the PDF or HTML document designs with sound connections (click the connection and play educator discourse for connected content)

PhD understudy and subjective scientist may record meets and decipher it later utilizing Transcriber, make sound connections and fare the item to other post preparing applications like Atlas.ti, Maxqda, Nvivo and …

Translators May utilize Transcriber to Listen and (physically) interpret recorded discourse on a similar window

Highlights of Transcriber:

voice to content, at that point you don’t have to type anything in your cell phones.

1. Just download this application and talk whatever message you need to send , it will compose for you. so Start working keenly.

2. Sometimes we need to compose a long email , around then we don’t have to type for messaging.

simply talk anything you desire to write,this application will auto-compose everything in your email.

3. You can likewise share any content by Bluetooth through this application.

4. You can likewise utilize this application with fb dispatcher , in fb you additionally don’t have to compose anything

to type a message. simply talk your message, it will compose everything for you.

5. You can likewise check its Advance variant name with Voice to Text X that will assist you with converting your message into Multiple dialects while Chatting.

Document Formats:

The deciphered content can be traded to plain content, PDF, RTF, HTML, SYN (Atlas.ti synchronization), NVivo Transcripts and F4 interpretation.

Transcriber Application is a free application, however on the off chance that you need to send out in excess of 15 sound connect to other record designs, or on the off chance that you need to keep on utilizing programmed deciphering of sound documents to content (the initial 5000 expressions of programmed interpreting is free for the application test), introduce Transcriber key.

Significant Notes:

1- The programmed transformation of the discourse sound document to content, is reliant to the accompanying necessities and your gadget may not bolster it:

  • The nature of the speakers and voice sensors of the gadget,
  • The nature of the sound document and
  • The speed and the dependability of the gadget web association,

2- Automatic deciphering of the initial 5000 words is free for you to test the application, if the test is fruitful you have to introduce a Transcriber key to keep on utilizing programmed translation. on the off chance that the test isn’t fruitful (on the grounds that the constraints of your gadget), introducing the Transcriber key does not roll out any improvement. If it’s not too much trouble introduce the Transcriber key just if the trial was effective and you beyond any doubt the gadget underpins it.