What Can a FI-7030 Do for Your New Office?

The right machine can make an office organized, efficient and pleasant to work in. Advanced scanners have solved many of the frustrating struggles of the past. Modern scanners also come tailored to specific applications, so you can pick the models that best match the specific needs of your office.

Investing in more than one quality scanner is a smart way to smooth workflow and make sure every office worker has an easy way to scan and organize paper materials. The Fujitsu FI-7030 is the perfect auxilliary scanner model for front desks, private offices, medical records rooms and other intense business applications. This compact model is packed with quality-of-life features and delivers reliable scanning power with easy entry-level operation.

Flexible Feeding

Sorting documents by type and size before scanning seems to be a quick task. Over time, however, these minutes add up. Advanced scanners like the FI-7030 feature flexible feeding, meaning that you don’t have to sort documents at all. Any size or thickness of document, even ID cards and embossed cards, can go through the scanner in the same batch with no jams or loss in quality.

Incredible Speed

There’s no way around it: A truly efficient scanner must be fast. In the past, medical record scanning could take hours, as some charts are hundreds of pages long. Today, the compact FI-7030 can scan 27 double-sided pages every minute.

PaperStream Software

Scanning hardware isn’t the only time-saving improvement that comes standard with modern scanners. Fujitsu’s proprietary PaperStream software makes it easy and intuitive to organize all scanned documents digitally. PaperStream can also clean up scanned images for improved readability, and the Pro package can automatically pull data from scanned documents.

Admin Application

Managing multiple scanners in one office is easy with a convenient admin application. This application runs on any computer and allows you to set files and folders for each scanner. This way, front office staff or other staff using auxiliary scanners never have to navigate menus or settings to send documents to the correct place.

Compact Size

Cordoning off scanners to a separate scanning room or corner is an outdated office setup. Interrupting workflow to walk over to the scanner or wait in line outside the room wastes hours of time each week.

With the compact size of the FI-7030, a high-volume scanner can take its place on the desk with other essential pieces of office technology. That way, a powerhouse central scanner such as the Fujitsu FI-7600 can be reserved for larger jobs.

Paper Jam Prevention

Passive features separate truly efficient scanners from less useful options. Multi-feed detection on the FI-7030 and other scanners can sense when documents are crumpled, bunched up or otherwise improperly arranged inside the scanner. The scanner automatically shuts down to prevent a paper jam.

One-Touch Operation

Using a scanner should be as seamless as using a computer mouse or keyboard to fit neatly into an office’s workflow. The elegant design of the FI-7030 allows for easy one-touch operation so you can focus on more pressing tasks.

Whether you’re buying multiple scanners for a busy office or want a dedicated desk model for yourself, the FI-7030 is the perfect solution. Combining hardware, software and superior design, this compact scanner can easily handle high-volume jobs.