What You Should Know Before Purchasing Your Next Jump Starter

Finding the right jump starter means understanding how much power you need and where you’re going to need it or you just need https://www.jrop.com/services/roadside-assistance/, but the choice goes much deeper. Today’s jump starter kits often include large capacity lithium-ion batteries, which means they can integrate a lot of additional features that require portable power. This makes them useful in a lot more situations than portable starters of the past.

Size and Portability

These two features are the most important considerations because they will rule out anything that it would be a waste of time to scrutinize further. Portability basically refers to whether the box has to be plugged in or not. Jump starters with strong interior batteries are capable of going on the road with you to help in the event of a roadside battery issue. Plug-in starters, on the other hand, double as battery chargers for your regular automotive battery charging needs at home.

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Size is the other major practical consideration because it does not make sense to buy a jump starter that won’t actually jump start your vehicle. Different cars and trucks use different sized batteries, so you need to match your battery and the kit you buy. It doesn’t make any more sense to pay for too much power than it does to pay for too little, after all. Understanding your needs for size and portability is half of the decision when you’re considering something like the Noco Boost Plus GB40.

Reviews and Reputation

Once you have the field narrowed to just the models that will work for your needs, the next step is to check out what other people have had to say about the accessory and the brand. Digging into reviews might take a little time, but it will also tell you if there is an issue like a reliable brand putting out a single bad model or brand-wide quality control problems. Looking at reviews from a few sources usually yields the best picture, so consider all these possible sources as you read reviews.

  • Customer reviews on retailer websites
  • Bloggers and professional auto accessory reviewers
  • Community reviews on message boards or other forums

If you’re diligent, you can get the viewpoints of other customers, people who test auto parts for a living, and professional mechanics whenever you’re choosing auto parts. It just takes a little time and commitment to digging up the information.

Additional Options and Features

Today’s portable jump starters often have a variety of add-on features that can help you in a roadside emergency. Some are even designed to be a regular support device for off-roading and camping because they come integrated with features that are generally useful. If you get a multi-use box, make sure you’re charging it between trips.

  • 12v device charging and DC power
  • Roadside emergency lights
  • LED lanterns and area lighting
  • Inverters
  • Air compressors

If you’re wondering where to go for the most feature-rich choices on all your accessories, you can start with the same people you consult about how to recharge car AC units with DIY recharge kits. Chances are, the ones who already help you with your automotive maintenance are the same ones who will be able to point you toward choices with some of these great options. Start your search today.