WhatsApp has been able to add a variety of features over the past few months that include emojis based on iMessage reactions, an increased sharing limits, brand new voice note options as well as many more. However, this Meta-owned messaging app is in no desire to speed up. The app has increased the limit of group size from 256 to 512.

WhatsApp has spoken about many new features that are being added into its messaging app for users, and among them is the possibility of having more than 512 people in a group. We can now confirm that this feature is available to users who use WhatsApp’s stable WhatsApp version for devices such as Android or iOS devices.

The update is again available through WAbetainfo and has reported the changes. A administrator of a group can manage up to 500 members within this group. Prior to this, WhatsApp Groups allowed you to have 256 members. the number has increased to 512.

The new update for WhatsApp is now available to all WhatsApp users, but users may have to wait several days to get the new Group feature in their application. The procedure to add the 512 members of an existing group is the same as it was before.